Crocodiles of the World

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Discover the world of crocodiles and more at Crocodiles of The World, the only crocodile zoo in the UK.  It was founded back in 2011 by specialist conservationist, Shaun Foggett.  With rising popularity for visitors, the site has expanded and moved to their current Brize Norton location in 2014.

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I visited for the first time with my two kids, perhaps just a large room with a few crocodiles and some information boards.  I was actually quite surprised just how large Crocodiles of the World is.  They have over 150 crocodiles covering 15 different species.  It was a busy half term day but there seemed to be enough space for everyone visiting to spread out.  My kids (and I) were fascinated by the crocodiles.

Underwater Viewing

The crocodiles, alligators and caimans come in all shapes and sizes.  In line with their conservation focus, these include the critically endangered Cuban and Siamese crocodiles.  For the daredevils, you have the chance to come face to face, with some protective glass of course, with the fearsome Nile crocodiles, American alligators and black caiman.  The viewing areas are set up really well with clear, fresh water, allowing you to get close and really see the detail.  Being able to see above and below the water line allows you to step into both worlds of the crocodile.  We also loved the incubation area with the crocodile eggs and the very tiny little ones.


Feeding and Handling

When you arrive, you’ll receive a leaflet with the daily schedule on at the zoo.  This includes the feeding times.  We visited on a busy day during half term and left it to the last moment before heading through to the feeding area.  We were still able to see fine but with young kids, I had to pick them up in turn to get a good view.  I’d recommend timing your travel around the zoo to get a good position before the feeding session starts.  The zoo keepers are very friendly and knowledgeable and add their own character to the experience.  They will also hang around after the feeding so you can ask questions.

For an extra cost, there is also the opportunity to hold a crocodile and have your photo taken if you want to get a little more up close and personal.

All Weather Attraction

Crocodiles of the World is a great all weather attraction.  Both the main zoo building and the crocodile house which has the big crocs and feeding sessions, are lovely and tropically warm.  Perfect for lingering a little longer on a cold and frosty February.  Outside there is a small climbing frame area, trampoline and picnic area.


Mammals, Reptiles and Birds

We were also pleasantly surprised to find some other creatures to see, little monkeys, a very noisy macaw and some reptiles.  We visited the new education centre to hear a short talk about skunks and then had the chance to stroke one.



We visited in Feb 2016 and there was a small café which should be expanding in May.  It has a few sandwiches and drinks available.  However, there is a lovely large picnic area outside so you can bring your own lunch with you.

Admission Prices

Day tickets or season tickets can be purchased in advance from the website or be purchased on the day.


Business Name: Crocodiles of the World

Address: Burford Road, Brize Norton, OX138 3NX

Opening Times:

10am to 5pm everyday except Christmas


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